King Heritage Day Invitation

king heritage day

King Heritage Day Invitation

It was such an honour for Alan Roth, CEO of Roth Pharma, to be invited by his majesty King Mthimkhulu on heritage day of 2020. His invitation to the heritage day celebration was an acknowledgement of his effort in the community.

Our company Roth Pharma we are positioning ourselves for complete vertical integration in Africa with a focus on medicinal cannabinoids and pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

Our aim is to work closely with the community and the kingdom by creating jobs and allowing more economic activities.

Alan gifted King Mthimkhulu with a traditional engraved weapon as a token of appreciation and a sign of local prosperity.
Alan Roth the CEO of Roth Pharma GIFTS THE KING with a traditional engraved weapon as a sign of the companies partnership to grow his community and kingdom through cannabis. Jobs will be created and economies of scale enjoyed by the local population.